Our Story

Lakkad Shala, a distinguished name in the world of handmade lamps and home decor, has proudly served discerning clients for the past three years. Our journey began with a vision to blend the natural allure of materials like jute, cane , wood and iron into exquisite home decor pieces that radiate elegance and charm.

With a proud history of three years of dedication, Lakkad Shala is more than a brand; it's a testament to the art of craftsmanship, creative expression, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Join us in the pursuit of turning your living spaces into havens of beauty and comfort, imbued with the cultural charm of Jaipur.



At Lakkad Shala, we believe in the power of customization. We understand that your living spaces are as unique as you are, which is why we offer a bespoke experience. Our artisans collaborate closely with you to craft products that not only meet but exceed your expectations.